........In 1954, Harold F. Blaisdell's Field & Stream story "Pig Boat on the Furnace" brought Nixon and his creation nation attention. Blaisdell suspected that the Pig Boat would make an enticing mouthful for a big predatory brown trout, and he proved it one evening on Furnace Brook, his local Vermont trout stream.
"What puzzled me," recalls Nixon, with tongue in cheek, "was why anyone would waste a good bass bait on a brown trout. Mr. Blaisdell received a good bass bait and promptly let some old brown trout slobber all over it."

......From the Fly Tyer Summer 2001 column, Fly Tyer Profile by William G.Tapply, "Father of the Pig Boat"

The grandparr comes out to the shed where my office and fly tying room is on a regular basis. She enjoys looking over the various patterns that I tie and ask a lot of questions (she also enjoys playing with them). We at the WWFF hope that you enjoy this section of the site as much as the grandparr does coming out to the fly tying room. In future months, we will be adding the recipes to the FF@ swaps, expanding our classic pattern list, and fly tying articles.