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JULY 4, 2006 "Carp Hunters"

I have an article up and two more on the way (they are real oldies). This section is new and with a new format. If you find any problems, please let me know. I would like to know what you think about the new section. Click on the Carp.


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Green Sun Fish by Jack Ellis Dog Day Cicade Time by Mary Kuss  
Bass Fly Animation by Jack Ellis Spinner/Flies by Dennis Galyardt Crayfish Reflections on the Mudbug by Jack Ellis
The Originator of the Bass Bug. Those Copper Colored Bones by Mel Ellis Richard Hart :Frogs
Jack Ellis: Ecological Consistency in Fly Selection. Book Review-Warmwater Fly-Fishing Finding and catching Warmwater Species by Rober W. Streeter and Reviewed by Elmer Meiler. The Pond. An article and Update by Elmer Meiler
Book Review-Passion for Pike by Ad Swier and Reviewed by Elmer Meiler. Get Down for Bass by Dennis Galyardtl. Dirk Burton: Woven Flies for Bluegill.
Terry and Roxanne Wilson: To Catch a Lunker Mike Hogue : Tying and Fishing the Whitlock Damsel Fly and Cricket Nymphs. Tom Keith: Wet Flies for Big 'Gills and Crappies
Joe Cornwall: Understanding Leaders for Warm Water Fly Fishing. Spring Flyfishing for White Bass and Hybrid Striped Bass by Daniel Schapaugh Fly Rod Lures - Rediscovering Our Warmwater Roots By: Jack Ellis
A Quickie - Wat Ever It Takes! A bluegill Adventure by Jo Valencic WarmWater Leaders. Ed Engel: Bob and Lefty's Soft Leader-Get a better turnover by losing your stiff butt. Slim Mitchell's Version of the Damsel Fly Nymph pattern.
I hope this will be the start od a series of articles on WarmWater Leaders. Mary Kuss's article to start it off... Sister Carol's Grass Carp Fly. A productive grass carp pattern that works. From the Float Tuber of Elmer Meiler: A report on the 2005 Fly - Fishing Retailer World Expo at Denver Colorado.
Joe Cornwall: Fishing the Well Curve, What distribution, bell curves and inverse bell curves possibly have to do with improving one's fishing skills? Mary Kuss of Havertown, PA has a great cricket pattern that is very successful for warm water fly fishing. Farm ponds, float tubes & fly rods...There is simply nothing to compare to a summer's evening on a pond, catching bluegill or bass with a fly rod...by Dennis Galyardt (part 2of 3 on float tubing)
Farm ponds, float tubes & fly rods...There is simply nothing to compare to a summer's evening on a pond, catching bluegill or bass with a fly rod...by Dennis Galyardt (part 1 of 3 on float tubing) Bass From the Milfoil: The Kentucky Lake Combination By Terry and Roxanne Wilson From Smallmouth and Streams, John Tertuliani's The Redeye Crayfish.
Joe Cornwall: A Calico Time of the Year. A Warm Water Journal about Crappie. Jack Ellis: Dry Flies of Panfish Poppers. The Federation of Fly Fishers conservation mission includes promoting the awareness among fly fishers of the value of native fish. Basscatch strives to raise awareness of the diversity within our warmwater wetland environments, their conservation needs and their vast recreational opportunities.
WarmWaterAngler@ 2004 Carp Fly Swap. Mike Kruse - Bluegill: The Fly Fisher's Neglected Princess. Like blue ribbon trout stream, big bluegill impoundments are a reflection of good land usea respect for the fish and their environment. Jason Tinling - Soft Hackle Flies for Warm Water Under WarmWater Jourmal - Hot Tips


Jars-of-Flies Project.....Jars of Flies will be a collection of warmwater patterns that are fished through out the United States.




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