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If you want to contribute information, stories about warmwater fly fishing, photos or fly patterns, or just want to pass along your opinions, here is how you contact the me (I don't anwser calls that show on my caller ID: out of area or private calls):

Article Submission Requirements:

Thank you, for your interest in the WarmWaterFlyFisher. At the present time, I am the owner and web master for the site. Since I do not have the resources to pay for articles that are on the site, the articles have been given freely by a small network of friends and other warmwater fly fishers who wanted to donate an article. At times, I come across an article that I find interesting for the site and ask permission to publish. If you are interested in submitting an article for the site, here is a list of terms and criteria for an article submission.

  • The article is given freely by the author…there is no payment for the article.
  • The article must be warmwater fly fishing/fly tying related, no trout or salt water material is acceptable.
  • Article must be not longer than 2,000 words. If the article is greater than 2,000 words, I may break it up in various parts to be presented over a period of time.
  • Pictures submitted with the article must be in a digital form of no larger than 800x600 pixels and in a JPG format. Please DO NOT combine pictures and the written piece of the article together. Submit them separately.
  • I will let you know in a timely manner whether or not I can use your article.
  • The article may be edited.

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