Warmwater Fly Fishing by Robert W. Streeter

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"There are all kinds of other fishing out there that will hit flies; all it takes is someone interested enough to give it a go .Innovative anglers are catching monster alligator gar on special fly patterns designed to snag in the teeth of these fish. Others regularly catch channel catfish in streams. The new rage in fly fishing is chasing after the common carp. It is all out there, and the surface has barely been scratched. These opportunities are far closer to most of our homes than the trips for the pretty fish we see in all the magazines. There are new fly patterns to invent and fishing tactics that need to be developed. The only limit is your imagination"

I believe that the above quote sets the tone of "Warmwater Fly Fishing. Finding and Catching Warmwater Species", by Robert W. Streeter. Robert is a freelance outdoor writer from Tribes Hill, New York. Some of his articles have appeared in the American Angler. He has an Associates degree in Fisheries and Wildlife Science (Cobleskill) and employed with New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, where he works in the Division of Water. Rob is also an outdoor columnist with the Albany Times Union newspaper, He draws on his experiences from fishing in but not limited to New York State. The experiences that he shares can be applied anywhere that there are species of warmwater fish. This book would be for a person who is interested in entering the wonderful world of warmwater fly fishing and how to start, it also contains some nice nuggets on how to catch fish for the experienced angler.

From reading the book, Robert appears to have gained a great deal of knowledge from his years of fly fishing. He got his fishing fly rod at the age of seven. He passes this knowledge to us. I have included a copy of the table of content for the book. As one can see Robert covers everything from, the equipment to be used, flies to how to fly fish for a number of warmwater species. Robert does a good review on bringing us up to date on the number of different water craft that can used for fly fishing. He also does a great job to help a person get familiar with the variety of different equipment (rods, reels, leaders) and how to combine them to verity warmwater fly fishing. Robert has a nonsensical approach for fly patterns and shares some of his own creations which I will try.

In short, I like that book and have picked up a few pointers for myself. It is a great book for anyone who is interested in starting to learn about warmwater fly fishing. Would I recommend this book? The answer is Yes. You can purchase the book directly from Robert at:

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