All the warmwater fish
The Spice of Fly Fishing

The most exciting thing about fly fishing in warmwater is the variety of fish species and many different places you can catch them. If you are a fly fisher who is cares about the natural world, warmwater fly fishing involves the full diversity of freshwater ecosystems, from the small bog pond to the major river, with lakes and moving waters of all kinds in between. In that spirit, we intend to provide information not only on where and how to find these many kinds of fish, but how they live, reproduce and survive. With that information we can catch (and release) more fish and enjoy it more as well.

Warmwater Fly Fishing Diversity 

Black Crappie
Pumpkinseed Longear
Mud sunfish
Rock Bass
Roanoke Bass
Ozark Bass
Shadow Bass
Sacramento Perch
White Crappie

Largemouth Bass
Smallmouth Bass
Spotted Bass
Redeye Bass
Shoal Bass

Suwannee Bass
Guadalupe Bass

  Common Carp
Bigmouth Buffalo
Grass Carp
  Northern Pike
Tiger Musky
Grass Pickerel
Chain Pickerel


  White Bass
White Perch
Yellow Bass

The Federation of Fly Fishers conservation mission includes promoting the awareness among fly fishers of the value of native fish. Basscatch strives to raise awareness of the diversity within our warmwater wetland environments, their conservation needs and their vast recreational opportunities.

Basscatch Mission

(1) to enhance angler knowledge of native black bass, their habitats and conservation needs.
(2) to secure and improve the recreational opportunities and enjoyment associated with these warmwater species for future generations.

Basscatch encourages FFF members and other fly fishers to learn more about all native black bass species by visiting the waters they inhabit and fishing for them. Six of the more specialized species of black bass and their native warmwaters have been selected for focus. Any fly fisher may participate by catching and releasing four of the selected species to qualify for certification as an awarded Basscatch Member. Each applicant that meets all qualifications for recognition shall receive a Basscatch Member pin, patch and a certificate that is suitable for framing.

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Warmwater Species - EXPECTATIONS

We expect that this section of our website will always be growing and under revision. Why? There are several reasons:

1. There are (by our count) at least 80 species of warmwater fish and in turn many sub-species. It will take a while to generate summaries for all of them (and that is our goal).
2. There are differences of opinion on where these fish are found and how best to catch them (we want to hear your ideas!)
3. The
scientific information on the genetics, habits and features of these fish is continually under revision, with new sub-species being reported frequently.
4. Our research will be on-going and thus we will add or revise the species descriptions as we learn more.