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This section of the WarmWaterFlyFisher, "Carp Hunters" will be dedicated to the pursuit of fly fishing for carp. Carp a game fish you say. Let's see what some other noted fly fishers have said.

"In my opinion, carp are a supreme fly-rod challenge, equal to or excelling selective trout, bonefish, or permit in difficulty to take on a fir. To he successful hooking carp on flies one must be very skilled at fly selection, casting, presentation, and fighting fish. Over the last two years, my two best destination flyfishing trips have been to the pristine carping flats of Lake Michigan, where my wife Emily and I joined George von Schrader (author of Carp are Gamefish, Too) to pole for golden-clad monsters that averaged twenty pounds. When one of these big guys grabs your fly, it speeds off on several 200-yard or longer dashes (we even had to follow some of them with the boat) and gives an incredible battle for twenty or thirty minutes on seven- and eight- weight tackle. They tested us, they fascinated us, they amazed us, and they thrilled us"……..Dave Whitlock from the Forward of Carp on the Fly A Fly Fishing Guide

"When their on, they are like bonefish on steroids. Their fight is unmatched in freshwater. They are one of the top fly rod challenges. … Flip Pallot while fish with Dave Whitlock on Lake Michigan fly fishing for carp.

You say that bone fish are a more of a game fishing and different from carp.

"Some more mature anglers will remember back to the forties and fifties, when fishing for in-shore saltwater fish with light tackle and fly rods was first becoming a popular sport. Those anglers may also remember that writers of the time wrote disparagingly about a noisome, useless fish that they casually referred to as the "saltwater sucker."
Today, we call them bonefish and anglers speak of them with religious fervor. Brad and I are hopeful that if bonefish can beat their bad press, perhaps carp can, too. And when you think about it for a moment, there are some interesting parallels between carp and bonefish:

  • Both are usually bottom feeders.
  • Both feed heavily on shellfish.
  • Both are schooling fish.
  • Both tail when feeding in shallow water.
  • Both are wary and frighten easily.
  • Both usually aren't eaten and are caught and released.
  • Both require similar tactical approaches.

Anglers didn't appreciate the wonderful sport offered by bonefish until they understood the fish. Perhaps, in the case of carp, lack of understanding is a significant factor in the way anglers fell about them..…" from Carp on the Fly A Fly Fishing Guide

One of my personal goals is to make a trip to the Green Bay Wisconsin area to fly fish for carp in Lake Michigan, to go on the Susquehanna River with Bob Clouser and Mike O'Brien for the Susquehanna bone fish and to enter in the Big Lips International competition on the Big Horn River. I will not be doing it this year, but I will be making plans for 2007.

I would love to read about and put up on the web site your experiences. Listed below are some of the section's goals.

  • Serve as a resource for carp fly fishing
  • Share flies, equipment, books and videos for carp
  • Post stories, tips, and techniques about carp fly fishing